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The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle [PREVIEW]

5 days ago, LEGO officially unveiled the Bad Batch Attack Shuttle set. Alongside this reveal, we got a whole bunch of high resolution pictures of the set. As we wait for the sets’ release, I figured I may as well share my initial thoughts on it.  

Sand Blue Controversy

A few weeks ago, some blurry images of this set were leaked and it caused uproar in the community because of their decision to make this set primarily sand blue as opposed to the light-bluish-grey that we expected/are used to. My gut reaction, like many others, was “why?”.

Since then, I’ve watched the first two episodes of Bad Batch and my opinion has changed. From the show, the shuttle clearly used to be primarily a sand-bluish colour, but has faded into a grey-ish blue colour. The ships’ actual colour is still debatable, but for now I think making it sand blue works pretty well. Lord knows we have enough light-bluish-grey Star Wars ships as is. In general, any excuse to get some colour variety in the ships is very welcome, in my opinion. 

Other Design Issues

It’s hard to comment on the design of the set without actually having it in hand, but I think we get a good idea from the pictures alone. I think the front of the ship looks too ‘chunky’, if I’m honest. The actual ship has a notably ‘pointy’ front end, which isn’t captured well here, I don’t think. I also think the front windshield looks too far back on the cockpit area, and the print itself is a bit too small.

They decided to include two speeders with the actual Shuttle in this set. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it’s probably recreating a scene from an episode I haven’t seen yet, which could be great, but on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder what those extra pieces could do in terms of bulking up the ship itself.

My initial instinct is that I’d rather they have excluded one of the speeders and used the extra pieces to cover up the anti-stud side of the central fin. I think I’ll have to have the set in hand before I commit to that though.

The Minifigures

The main reason I’m excited for this set, like many others I imagine, is those minifigures. So let’s talk about the good and the bad here.

The good news is, we get all five original memebers of the Bad Batch with Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair. I’m very grateful they didn’t pull another ‘Knights of Ren’ stunt and spilt them all up into individual, overpriced sets. The inclusion of a GONK droid is always a good thing too. I have no issues with the exclusion of Omega here, because LEGO very likely weren’t aware of her character while designing this set.

These figures, compared to the average Star Wars minifigure, are done extremely well. Tech has a custom molded helmet, echo has arm printing, every character has a unique torso print AND (with the possible exception of Crosshair) a unique face print too. Hunter and Tech both come with separate hair-pieces too, which is just fantastic. I absolutely love the print design on their helmets too. I’ve seen some people complain that Hunter, Echo, and Crosshair all use the same clone trooper helmet mold, but I have no issues with that at all. I think on the whole, these figures are very well done.

The Off-Brand Batch

Unfortunately, they’re not overkill-level good, which is what a lot of people expected. There’s been custom Bad Batch figures floating around for a while from off-brand companies that are excessively detailed. These off-brand figures honestly look incredible. To be blunt, they put the LEGO figures to shame. 

I think people saw these figures and had way too high expectations for the official figures. As much as I would love for LEGO to go all out like this, they’ve shown time and time again that they just don’t do that for Star Wars figures (at least, not to this degree). It’s a shame really. When you look at what LEGO can do (with the VIDIYO theme especially), you’d really wonder why they don’t give Star Wars the figures that treatment at least sometimes. 

Tech's Helmet

I do have issues with the figures that are completely unrelated to the Off-Brand Batch. These have to do with Tech’s helmet mold, specifically. From the pictures, I think it looks way too big, and it’s kind of a shame that they decided to go for the Stormtrooper-style dual mold design that prevents you from rotating the head (presumably).

I also don’t think it was the best decision to print his glasses to his face and leave a hole in the helmet mold to show them. I can see why they did this, because in the show Tech’s helmet isn’t attached to his glasses, but I think for the sake of making the helmet look its best I think they also should have printed the glasses onto the helmet mold (like they did in the Off-Brand Batch version of him actually). They could’ve used the new scout trooper mold as a base and modified it to look like Tech fairly easily, I think.


It’s important to emphasize that all my opinions here are subject to change once I get my hands on the actual set. Hopefully the issues I have with it already aren’t as bad in person. I am so excited for this set, and all the other rumoured Summer sets for LEGO Star Wars. 

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