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R2-D2 Available Now!

The long-awaited successor to the 2012 UCS R2-D2 is available to buy now. The set contains 2314 pieces and 1 minifigure and retails for €199.99/$199.99.

This is a set I’ve wanted since the release of the buildable BB-8 set back in 2017. I couldn’t be happier with this decision to remake the set, and I’ll hopefully have a review for it in the coming weeks.

May the 4th Promotions

Alongside the release of R2-D2, the May the Fourth Promotions are avalable from May 1st through to May 5th.

These promos include the gift-with-purchase Tatooine Homestead set free with purchases over €85/$85. Although, unfortunately these have already sold out at the time of this post.

There is also double VIP points on all Star Wars sets for the duration of the event. If you’ve been holding out on the new Helmet Collection sets or maybe the Probe Droid buildable character, now’s your perfect opportunity to pull the trigger on them! 

My Chemical Romance on LEGO Ideas!

In what I think is the coolest story of the week, the LEGO Ideas project “WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE” by VNMBricks has reached 10,000 votes of support.

What makes this story cool to me is that it achieved the 10k milestone after less than two weeks thanks to this instagram post by none other than My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero!

As a huge My Chemical Romance fan, I really hope this makes it into an official set, I only worry about how ‘appropriate’ LEGO find it for their brand.

LEGO Ideas

Alongside “WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE”, two other projects have achieved 10,000 votes of support this week. Namely “LEGO Astronaut” by legotruman, and “Stadium Tour” by Airbricks.  

The LEGO Astronaut is another in a long line of space-themed sets to get 10k supporters, and is definitely a set I can see them making. Stadium Tour on the other hand, is a set that I can’t really see being turned into a set, not in its project form anyway. The idea of a stage/rock concert isn’t out of the question though, in my opinion. 

Speed Champions 2021 Revealed

Official images of the next wave of Speed Champions set were unveiled on the 2nd May. The sets are continuing with the 8 stud wide designs and are expected to release on June 1st

On the left, we have the Toyota GR Supra, which will have 299 pieces, and on the right we have the McLaren Elva which will have 263 pieces. Both retailing for €19.99

Next we have the Koenigsegg Jesko and the Top Fuel Dragster/Dodge Challenger sets. The Dodge duo set has had its pictures leaked for months now, so finally we have confirmation. The Jesko will have 280 pieces and retail for €19.99, while the Dodge cars will have a combined 627 pieces for €59.99.

Finally, we have two more ‘bumper’ sets, with the Ford GT/Bronco set with 660 pieces for €49.99, and the Chevrolet Corvette C8-R/Corvette C3 set with 512 pieces for €39.99.

Rankings Update

There’s been some changes in my rankings this week, specifically related to the 2008 UCS General Grievous set. I feel as though I judged it too harshly initially and, as such, I’ve decided to bump it up a few places. The full changes are as follows :

General Grievous [+2] => 3
Yoda [-1] => 4
BB8 [-1] => 5

General Grievous [+9] => 17
X-Wing Starfigher [-1] => 18
Death Star Final Duel [-1] => 19
AT-AT [-1] => 20
501st Battle Pack [-1] => 21
AT-ST Raider [-1] => 22
Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter [-1] => 23
Yoda [-1] => 24
Tantive IV [-1] => 25
BB-8 [-1] => 26

General Grievous [+24] => 39
Paris [-1] => 40
Porsche 911 [-1] => 41
Junkrat & Roadhog [-1] => 42
Nissan GT-R NISMO [-1] => 43
Central Perk [-1] => 44
X-wing Starfighter [-1] => 45
Wrecking Ball [-1] => 46
Death Star Final Duel [-1] => 47
AT-AT [-1] => 48
501st Battle Pack [-1] => 49
Ford mustang [-1] => 50
Watchpoint:Gibraltar [-1] => 51
AT-ST Raider [-1] => 52
Anakins Custom Jedi Starfighter [-1] => 53
Star Wars The Sith [-1] => 54
Yoda [-1] => 55
Tracer vs Widowmaker [-1] => 56
Detective’s Office [-1] => 57
Tantive IV [-1] => 58
Fiat 500 [-1] => 59
Mclaren Senna [-1] => 60
BB-8 [-1] => 61
DVa & Reinhardt [-1] => 62
Empire State Building [-1] => 63


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