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Minifigures | Ranked

Below is a ranked list of every LEGO minifigure I own. This list is exclusively named characters so I’m not counting generic figures from Modular Buildings or Speed Champions, for example. You can click the images to enlarge them, or click the theme name to bring you to the ranked list for that subtheme. Generally the production quality is the biggest consideration for these rankings, but personal preference to some characters is also a factor, as you’d expect.

The list is updated with every new set I get, or whenever I get a new minifigure, with new minifigs being marked “[NEW]”. If you find this interesting and want to keep up with it as I update it, please bookmark the page or sign up for the newsletter  🙂

1RoadhogLEGO Overwatch2019
2Boba FettLEGO Star Wars2015
3Darth Vader (Printed Arms)LEGO Star Wars2020
4The Mandalorian (Beskar)LEGO Star Wars2021
5GenjiLEGO Overwatch2019
6Luminara UnduliLEGO Star Wars2016
7JunkratLEGO Overwatch2019
8D.VaLEGO Overwatch2019
9Jango FettLEGO Star Wars2017
10 [NEW] The Joker (1989)(Black Tailcoat)LEGO Batman2020
11The Joker (1989)(Purple Suit)LEGO Batman2019
12Ahsoka TanoLEGO Star Wars2020
13Quinlan VosLEGO Star Wars2016
14332nd Clone TrooperLEGO Star Wars2020
15General GrievousLEGO Star Wars2014
16BosskLEGO Star Wars2017
17Mace WinduLEGO Star Wars2018
18WidowmakerLEGO Overwatch2019
19501st Legion Jet TrooperLEGO Star Wars2020
20Mandalorian (Blue/Grey)LEGO Star Wars2020
21Coleman TreborLEGO Star Wars2013
22501st Legion Clone TrooperLEGO Star Wars2020
23Darth VaderLEGO Star Wars2016
24Scout TrooperLEGO Star Wars2020
25Batman (1989)LEGO Batman2019
26A-Wing PilotLEGO Star Wars2020
27McCreeLEGO Overwatch2019
28Wolfpack Clone TrooperLEGO Star Wars2014
29Asajj VentressLEGO Star Wars2015
30Plo KoonLEGO Star Wars2014
31ReaperLEGO Overwatch2019
32Mandalorian (Grey/Orange)LEGO Star Wars2020
33Count DookuLEGO Star Wars2013
34Luke Skywalker (Hoth)LEGO Star Wars2021
35TracerLEGO Overwatch2019
36WinstonLEGO Overwatch2019
37Ki-Adi-MundiLEGO Star Wars2018
38Emperor PalpatineLEGO Star Wars2020
39TIE Fighter PilotLEGO Star Wars2015
40Kylo RenLEGO Star Wars2017
41Han Solo (Dual molded legs)LEGO Star Wars2018
42The ChildLEGO Star Wars2020
43Princess Leia (episode 5)LEGO Star Wars2018
44Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)LEGO Star Wars2019
45Obi-Wan Kenobi (Mustafar)LEGO Star Wars2021
46Darth MaulLEGO Star Wars2017
47Clone Commander GreeLEGO Star Wars2014
48Imperial OfficerLEGO Star Wars2019
49Imperial CrewmemberLEGO Star Wars2019
50SnowtrooperLEGO Star Wars2020
51Flametrooper (Sequels)LEGO Star Wars2017
52DemogorgonLEGO Stranger Things2019
53Clone Trooper GunnerLEGO Star Wars2017
54AT-AT DriverLEGO Star Wars2020
55Aayla SecuraLEGO Star Wars2017
5641st Elite Corps TrooperLEGO Star Wars2014
57HammondLEGO Overwatch2019
58The MandalorianLEGO Star Wars2019
59Tusken RaiderLEGO Star Wars2020
60Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 1)LEGO Star Wars2017
61PharahLEGO Overwatch2019
62Princess Leia (dress piece)LEGO Star Wars2019
63Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)LEGO Star Wars2018
64Anakin Skywalker (Mustafar)LEGO Star Wars2021
65HanzoLEGO Overwatch2019
66Chancellor PalpatineLEGO Star Wars2012
67Qui-Gon JinnLEGO Star Wars2017
68 [NEW] lawrence from 1989 batwingLawrenceLEGO Batman2020
69Anakin Skywalker (Episode 2)LEGO Star Wars2015
70Stormtrooper (Episode 4)LEGO Star Wars2014
71Mike WheelerLEGO Stranger Things2019
72Will ByersLEGO Stranger Things2019
73Dustin HendersonLEGO Stranger Things2019
74Lucas SinclairLEGO Stranger Things2019
75Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 2)LEGO Star Wars2013
76Stormtrooper (Dual Molded Helmet)LEGO Star Wars2019
77Clone Trooper (Phase 1)LEGO Star Wars2018
78Darth Vader (Bacta Tank)LEGO Star Wars2019
79Cara DuneLEGO Star Wars2019
80Bail OrganaLEGO Star Wars2019
81Greef KargaLEGO Star Wars2020
82Luke Skywalker (Episode 5)LEGO Star Wars2018
83Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 3)LEGO Star Wars2016
84Luke Skywalker (Episode 6)LEGO Star Wars2015
85ReinhardtLEGO Overwatch2019
86Stormtrooper (Sequels)LEGO Star Wars2017
87C-3P0LEGO Star Wars2017
88ChewbaccaLEGO Star Wars2014
89Shimada HenchmanLEGO Overwatch2019
90YodaLEGO Star Wars2016
91Anakin Skywalker (Episode 1)LEGO Star Wars2019
92Boba Fett (Child)LEGO Star Wars2017
93Barriss OffeeLEGO Star Wars2018
94Han Solo (Episode 4)LEGO Star Wars2016
95Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 4)LEGO Star Wars2014
96Captain AntillesLEGO Star Wars2019
97Mandalorian (Green/Blue)LEGO Star Wars2020
98Rebel TrooperLEGO Star Wars2019
99Han Solo (Episode 5, Drowsy)LEGO Star Wars2015
100Mandalorian (Brown)LEGO Star Wars2020
101Biggs DarklighterLEGO Star Wars2018
102Snowspeeder Pilot (Zev Senesca)LEGO Star Wars2017
103Snowspeeder Gunner (Will Scotian)LEGO Star Wars2017
104Luke Skywalker (Pilot)LEGO Star Wars2019
105Dutch VanderLEGO Star Wars2018
106Imperial Transport PilotLEGO Star Wars2019
107Phoebe BuffayLEGO Ideas2019
Rachel GreenLEGO Ideas2019
109Chief Jim HopperLEGO Stranger Things2019
110Joyce ByersLEGO Stranger Things2019
111ElevenLEGO Stranger Things2019
112Ross GellerLEGO Ideas2019
113Klatooinian Raider (Helmet)LEGO Star Wars2019
114Klatooinian Raider (Armour Neck)LEGO Star Wars2019
115Monica GellerLEGO Ideas2019
116Soldier: 76LEGO Overwatch2019
117GuntherLEGO Ideas2019
118Joey TribbianiLEGO Ideas2019
119Chandler BingLEGO Ideas2019
120Han Solo (Old)LEGO Star Wars2015
121FinnLEGO Star Wars2015
122ReyLEGO Star Wars2015
123Rando in TFA falconLEGO Star Wars2015
124General VeersLEGO Star Wars2020
125Imperial Royal GuardLEGO Star Wars2016
126Second rando in TFA falconLEGO Star Wars2015
127Vicki ValeLEGO Batman2019
128Padmé Amidala (Episode 1)LEGO Star Wars2019
129First Order OfficerLEGO Star Wars2017
130Bespin GuardLEGO Star Wars2015
131MercyLEGO Overwatch2019