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UCS Republic Gunship (75309) Official Reveal!

The Ship

Today, via LEGO’s official YouTube channel, we got the official reveal of the Ultimate Collector Series Republic Gunship. The livestream featured YouTuber Solid Brix Studios unboxing the set before interviewing LEGO designers Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Hans Burkhard Schlömer.

The set will release August 1st and contain 3,292 pieces and two minifigures for €349.99. This makes it the 8th largest UCS set of all time by piece-count and the 7th most expensive at launch. 

The ship is based off the Republic Gunship as seen in Attack of the Clones and is absolutely massive. Measuring 33cm high, 68cm long, and 74cm wide, this makes it one of the largest UCS sets of all time in terms of volume. 

This set comes as the result of a fan-vote in early 2020 to decide the next UCS set. It beat out the Nebulon B Frigate and TIE Bomber by a sizable margin in said vote. Alongside this, the poll also asked which minifigures we’d like to see, with a large portion voting for a Phase 2 Commander Cody and Jedi Bob remake.

The Minifigures

On the topic of minifigures, this set comes with two. Namely new Mace Windu and Clone Commander figures. This became a controversial decision in the LEGO community with many pushing for the Phase 2 Cody and Jedi Bob figures. 

Personally, I’m almost glad LEGO decided against a Phase 2 Cody and Jedi Bob here. Given the high demand for those figures, it would be immoral of them to have put them behind a $350 paywall. Especially since this is exclusively a display set for adults. I want Phase 2 Cody as much as the next guy, but this shouldn’t be the set we get him in.

official image of the mace windu minifigure that comes with the ucs republic gunship set

With that said, I am slightly disappointed by the figures. I think Mace Windu should have had dual-molded legs and I think we should have gotten a Clone Pilot instead of a Commander. I say this because almost every UCS set in recent years has come with the ship’s pilot as a figure. Including the Commander instead of the pilot breaks this tradition. It’s also missing an oppurtunity to provide us with an exclusive (but not overly sought after) figure, which is a shame. 


Overall I have to say I couldn’t be more excited for this set. I’m definitely going to be ordering it Day One alongside the entire Summer 2021 Star Wars wave (even if that does mean I get the Imperial Logo on the box…). I’ll be posting a picture of that haul on my twitter, so go follow that if it interests you. This could potentially be one of the greatest sets in my collection, and I can’t wait to find out.

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