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LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Predictions [January/April Wave]

We know nothing about the 2022 Wave of LEGO Star Wars yet. I also have 0 insider knowledge about the LEGO Group whatsoever, for what that’s worth. But with the remaining sets of 2021 revealed and/or known, I thought it would be a fun idea to make a predictions list for the next January/April wave! This MandRproductions video sparked the idea but I expanded it to have a points system, so I can compare my scores moving forward. The points system goes as follows.

  • 1 point for correct set type (Battle pack, Duel Pack, Buildable character etc)
  • 3 points for correct set name/concept (Duel on Mandalore, 501st Battle Pack etc)
  • 3 points for correct price
  • 1 point per correct minifigure

In the end, I will find what score I got as a percent of the total possible score. You can play along too, if you want. If you do decide to, I’m super curious how you’d do so let me know somehow.

January Wave

I think the January wave will follow a similar format to previous years, with last year’s January wave being the exception. Last years wave included scaled-down, cheaper versions of exclusively Original Trilogy ships, such as the X-Wing and TIE Fighter. While I do think they will continue this trend, I doubt the wave will consist entirely of this style of sets. With that said, I think the January wave will consist of the following.

Dark Trooper Battle Pack - 4 Minifigs (3x Dark Trooper, 1x Regular Stormtrooper) - €14.99

I think they made such a solid figure for the Moff Gideons Light Cruiser set for there only to be one Dark Trooper. The only justification to not include a second or third Dark Trooper in that set would be that a battle pack is coming. It’s a type of figure lots of people would want to mass-collect, given their purpose in the show, and I think it’s the last time they could do a Dark Trooper battlepack and have it be somewhat relevant. I think the set will include 3 Darktroopers and a regular Stormtrooper (because LEGO rarely just give us four of one figure)

(Image Credits: Wookiepedia, Brickfanatics)

Scout Trooper Battle Pack – 4 Minifigs (3x Scout Trooper, 1x AT-ST Driver) - €14.99

I’m re-using my guess from last year and saying that they’ll make a Scout Trooper battle pack. My reasoning is that the second battlepack will likely be Original Trilogy, because of the “risk” of people not recognizing the Dark Troopers. Scout Troopers are iconic and a relatively “safe” bet for them. They already have a Scout Trooper figure in the Razor Crest set, which I think will be retired at that stage. I say AT-ST pilot because both are seen in Episode VI on Endor, and I have no other reason beyond that.

I’m not super confident in this one. It could easily be a Rebel Trooper battle pack or something unseen based off ‘the Book of Boba Fett’. Because I cant possibly predict what that is though, Ill stick to Scout Troopers.

(Image Credits:

Razercrest Microfighter – 1 Minifig (Din Djarinn) - €9.99

Another re-use of my predictions from last time. I think we’re going to see a microfighter of the Razer Crest from the Mandalorian. The Din Djarin figure will probably be the Beskar version that we’re seeing multiple times in 2021, because I don’t think LEGO care too much about how coveted he is. He already is showing up in sets as cheap as €30, so this will just be an even cheaper way of getting him.

(Photo Credits: Instructions and file provided by bensbrickdesigns on rebrickable)

AT-TE Microfighter – 1 Minifig (Phase 1 Clone Trooper) - €9.99

Last re-use of an old prediction, I swear. I think an AT-TE would make a great microfighter and I can easily see them throwing in a Clone Trooper with it. My main issue with this is that usually the single microfighters are a pair and have conflict with eachother. The AT-TE doesn’t have that with the Razer Crest obviously, but for the sake of casting a wide net, Ill stick with it.

(Photo Credits: DaVirus on Reddit)

Wampa vs Snowspeeder Microfighter – 1 Minifig (Snowspeeder Pilot) - €19.99

Originally, this was ‘Bantha vs Sandcrawler’ but I quickly realised that made no sense whatsoever. I also realised that they already made a Bantha microfighter only last year, so that was out of the question. Thinking of creatures in the same vein as a Bantha and a Tauntaun, I thought of the Wampa from Episode V. A snowspeeder would make good opposition too, so I settled on that. Unfortunately, they already made a Snowspeeder microfighter in 2015, but its not like theyre opposed to remakes so I believe in this one. The main problem is that the last dual microfighter was also set on Hoth… I can’t think of anything better so itll have to do for now.

(Photos Credits: Both images courtesy of The LEGO Group. Combined in Photoshop by me)

Pantora Chase – 3 Minifigs (Hunter, Omega, Fennec Shand) - €29.99

Based on Episode 4 of the Bad Batch, I think this slot will be a Pantora Chase set. This set would have Omega, Hunter and Fennec Shand instead, and have two speeder models to build. I think it’ll resemble a down-scaled Bounter Hunter Pursuit set, with a ‘Car’ sized speeder and a smaller ‘bike’ speeder. The smaller ‘bike’ speeder would be the exact same design/size as the lime speeder from the Bad Batch Shuttle set.

I think this could be the first set where we get an Omega minifigure. The precedent was kind of set by the Trouble in Tatooine set in January this year. That was also a €30 set and was the first time we got a Beskar Din Djarin minifigure. This Din figure was later featured in loads of other sets, so maybe the same will happen with Omega here.

(Photo Credits: Screenshot from The Bad Batch episode 4)

Captain Rex’s Y-Wing – 3 Minifigs (1x Captain Rex, 2x Bracca Scavengers) - €59.99

Originally this was going to be a regular down-sized Y-Wing from the Original Trilogy. But the more I thought about it, the more it makes more sense for it to be Rex’s Y-Wing from Episode 7 of the Bad Batch. I think the design will largely follow Anakins Y-Wing Starfighter [] from 2009, but with updated techniques and probably more pieces. This is admittedly more of a wish than a prediction, if I’m honest. There isn’t a set I’d want more just to get that Phase 2 Rex figure. Seeing how great the Summer 2021 wave is though has instilled some hope in me though. The Bad Batch needs SOME sets, and I think this is a perfect one for them to make.

There’s also the chance that THIS is the first set we see Omega in as a minifigure, thus bumping the minifigure count to 4. If this is the case, I can see them bumping up the piece count and charging €69.99 for this instead.

(Photo Credits:, model by ZeRadman)

Millenium Falcon – 3 Minifigs (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian) - €99.99

My prediction for the big set of the wave would be a downscaled millennium falcon based on Episode VI. I have a few reasons for this.

Firstly, they’ve downscaled the X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Imperial Shuttle etc, but haven’t given the most iconic ship the same treatment. I feel like they’ll take the opportunity to give people a Falcon for relatively cheap, especially since they’re a prime example of LEGO sets trending upwards in price.

Next, I think it’s been long enough since the last play-scale falcon to warrant a re-release. The last playset falcon was the Episode 9 Falcon released in 2019 for the Rise of Skywalker. Since that movie was God-awful, I imagine there’ll be a decent demand for a play-scale Original Trilogy set from fans. The last Play-scale OT Falcon was all the way back in 2011, so its well due a remake I think.

Finally, I mention these three figures specifically because of how they managed the X-Wing downscaling. Theres no reason to buy the downscaled model if you already have a bigger version of it…. unless you include an exclusive minifigure. The X-Wing included General Dodanna, and I think this will have Lando as the new figure. If I was to guess, id put him in his General Insignia outfit as an update from the 2017 figure.

(Photo Credit:

April Wave

The last two April waves have followed essentially the same formula. This being two or three Helmet Collection sets, a Brick-Built Character, and a €200 UCS set.  I think 2022 will follow the same formula, so I’ll base my predictions on this assumption.

Helmet Collection Sets

I think a lot of people will be expecting three Helmets the next wave (given that’s how many were in the first wave) but I disagree. If you look at the first wave, the TIE Fighter Helmet and Stormtrooper Helmet were essentially the exact same builds but recoloured. From this, I think each wave will have two unique Helmet designs, with potentially a third coming from recolouring a base design, just like the Stormtrooper/TIE Fighter and the Venom/Carnage sets.

While I think LEGO would love to milk the Original Trilogy for all its worth, I don’t think theres enough material for another wave of OT Helmets. Unless they do an AT-AT Driver or Snowtrooper helmet, I think they’ll have to move on to the prequel trilogy. They could do sequel trilogy stuff, but I don’t think they’re popular enough to warrant them over CW era helmets. Especially so if you consider the relevancy and popularity of The Bad Batch at the moment.

My dream would be for them to come out and do the four Bad Batch members as helmets. Unfortunately I really cant see LEGO coming out with four individual Helmet designs unless they sacrifice the Brick-built character. There’s a chance they do two Bad Batch members now and two later, but again I doubt they’d do that. With this in mind, I think the next wave will be entirely Prequel Era Helmets, as I doubt they’d want to mix eras within a wave either. With that in mind, here they are.

General Grievous Helmet - €59.99

When you think of Prequel Trilogy helmets, you think of Jango Fett of course. The problem with Jango is that he’d just be a recolour of the Boba Fett helmet, which I doubt LEGO would do officially with two whole years between them. The next biggest villain helmet would probably be Grievous.

They’d obviously want it to be his helmet, not his decapitated head. So what I think they’ll do is something similar to the 1989 Batman Cowl, with a semi-transparent bust. I predict this will be a controversial set, with people complaining about his lack of eyes. As a bonus prediction, I think custom Jango Fett helmet will hugely grow in popularity as a result of this Grievous.  

(Photo Credit: on Pinterest)

Clone Trooper (Phase 2) Helmet - €59.99

I think this is the next obvious step for the Helmet Collection subtheme. The base of this set could then be modified to make countless legions and characters. This would be based on the Phase 2 helmet and would be the plain white trooper with no legion affiliation. This makes a lot of sense timing-wise as well given their relevance in the Bad Batch right now. Of all Helmet sets, I’m most confident in this one, should they do Prequel era sets.

(Photo Credits: Model by TimBricks99)

[BONUS] Jango Fett Helmet - €59.99

I know I said that they likely won’t do Jango because it would just be a recolour of Boba. But I also said that each wave would have two unique helmet designs, with one recolour if any. A Jango Fett helmet would just be a recolour of Boba, so they wouldn’t need to come up with a brand new design for it. So, if they do decide to do three helmets in the next wave, I’m somewhat confident that it’d be Jango. A wave of Grievous, Jango, and a Phase 2 Clonetrooper would be the perfect trilogy of prequel helmets, I think.

(Photo Credit: Model by neroz)

Brick-Built Character Set
GONK Droid - €99.99

My prediction for the brick-built character is the same as MandRproductions’ one. I think a GONK Droid makes so much sense especially given The Bad Batch crew includes a GONK droid. It’s also instantly recognisable, memeable, and has huge potential to make a great model out of it. I can’t really think of any other droid to make a ~€100 set out of, to be honest. Especially since they apparently said they won’t be making Fallen Order sets, thus ruling out BD-1.

(Photo Credit: Brickipedia)

Ultimate Collector Series Set

A part of me truly wants to believe that we’ll get a second Prequel-era UCS set next April. With the UCS Gunship potentially paving the way for it, and the great direction the next Summer Wave has taken, I almost believe we will. My worry is that LEGO will wait until they see how the Gunship performs before even considering a second Prequel UCS set. Given that sets usually take 9 months to produce, I think best case scenario would be late 2022 if anything. Meaning the next UCS set is essentially guaranteed to be an OT one.

UCS X-Wing Starfighter - 2 Minifigs (X-Wing Pilot, Astromech Droid) - €199.99

Assuming it’s likely going to be an OT set, I think we’re due a remake of the 2013 UCS X-Wing. Truthfully, I don’t know any obvious alternatives for an OT ship besides maybe a B-Wing remake or the Nebulon Frigate. The Nebulon we can rule out because it lost the fan-vote, and the B-Wing isn’t half as iconic as the X-Wing is, so unless there’s something obvious I’m missing I think the X-Wing is a solid choice.

(Photo Credit: The LEGO Group)


So yeah, those are my predictions for the Winter/Spring waves of LEGO Star Wars. Once we know for sure what the full wave looks like, I’ll make a separate post running through my results. I’m hoping to make this a regular thing for the blog, so I’ll probably do this before every new wave. The next wave prediction will be for Summer 2022, probably in April/May of next year. So I guess I’ll see you then. 

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