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LEGO Adidas Superstar Set Revealed

The biggest news story in this slow week of LEGO news would be the launch of the Adidas Superstar set.

After being teased last week, the set will feature a buildable shoe model with its own display stand. The set will include (while stocks last) a cool little gift-with-purchase of a minifigure, boombox, and a smaller buildable shoe.

It will retail for €89.99 starting July 1st and will include 731 pieces. Probably the coolest thing about this set to me is that box, which is designed to look like… well a shoebox. 

LEGOCon Hosts Announced

As the day draw near for the first ever LEGO Con, LEGO this week announced the hosts of the event on Twitter

The hosts will be Melvin Odoom and Michelle Khare. Melvin is known for hosting the UK LEGO Masters while that aired. Michelle Khare is a popular YouTuber with nearly 2.4M subscribers. 

The event is only 5 days away at this stage, which probably explains the slow news week. 

LEGO Batman 2 "Isn't Happening'

According to this article from gamespot, the LEGO Batman movie isn’t getting a sequel due to “rights issues”. Citing the LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay, they claim that because LEGO have left Warner brothers in favour of Universal that its unlikely they’ll be allowed to use the character in a new movie.

The article also claims, via a tweet by Michael Waldron, that the movie was already in pre-production at its cancellation. The outline given by McKay in that article seemed really fun so it’s a shame if this is true. 

LEGO Ideas

One new project has surpassed 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas this week. The set was made by Seb_E and is called “Floating Island (using Tensegrity)”. As the name suggests, the set uses Tensegrity to depict a floating island above a greyscale city. 

Tensegrity, to those unaware, was a popular building technique trend in the LEGO community last year. As far as I know, it started after JK Brickworks uploaded this video to YouTube showing off the trick. It’s an incredibly cool technique that seems to defy physics, and this project is one of my favourite applications of it. It uses the illusion as part of the set instead of almost hiding the technique amidst a highly detailed build. 

Aside from the tensegrity aspect, the set itself is beautiful. I love how uniform, dull, and depressing the city looks in comparison to the vibrant, flowing, and intricate island build above. The pictures are all renders, so I have concerns about how possible the set is in real life though. I think the top section may be too heavy, but then again that’s exactly what the tensegrity wants me to think…..

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