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RLFM Days 2021

This week’s news comes mostly from exclusive interviews given through the Recognised LEGO Fan Media days event. Through interviews given by Jaysbrickblog and Solid Brix Studios, we get some interesting insight into upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets and the general philosophy of the designers at LEGO Star Wars. Below are some of the biggest stories to come from this.

Star Wars Collectible Minifigures

Starting with Jay’s interview, the most interesting piece of info is regarding LEGO’s ability to sell individual Star Wars minifigures.  Design Director for LEGO Star Wars Jens Kronvold Frederiksen explicitly said ” [LEGO] cannot just sell minifigures”. He says that due to their contract with Disney, minifigures must only come in sets with “so many pieces for it to count as a construction toy”. Ending with the reiteration that they would like to, if only they were allowed.

This news comes hot off the heels of this video by MandRproductions, claiming the exact opposite to be true. It’s hard to know what the truth is at this stage. For the moment though, officially, it’s LEGO’s contract with Disney that is preventing a Star Wars CMF series.

Battle Packs Aren't Dead!

A shared piece of news from both Jaysbrickblog and Solid Brix Studios would be that €15 Battle Packs will return. There was a growing concern that the subtheme was cancelled after no new Battle Packs were released for the entirety of 2021. Jens said that the reason for this is that they simply “just didn’t fit in this year”.

On a related note, within SBS’ interview, the designer revealed that LEGO doesn’t consider the 501st Legion Clone Troopers set a battle pack. This is strange given that the reveal for this set straight up says “You asked for it. We’ve built it” as a response for the demand for a 501st Battle Pack. They’ve even acknowledged the demand for specifically a 501st Battle Pack. 

Future Star Wars Minifigures

When asked by SBS about Bricklink prices for older minifigures, the LEGO designer has said they don’t look at Bricklink demand when determining which minifigures to include. This feels counter-intuative to me. If this Captain Rex minifigure regularly sells for €100+, surely that’s a sign to re-release him in some form? 

On the bright side, the designers also mentioned that a Kaminoan Minifigure is “on [their] list” for future sets 😀


UCS Republic Gunship Update

There’s been some small updates regarding the upcoming UCS Republic Gunship set. Well, kinda. The designers have said that we can expect a “big announcement” some time “mid-summer”. Whether this is official images or the actual release date is unclear. 

Regardless, they have once again reiterated that we will need very large shelves for it. I suppose we just have to wait to see why!

Biggest* LEGO Set Ever Revealed!

This week LEGO have revealed the new largest set of all time, in terms of piece-count anyway. The LEGO Art World Map set will contain 11,695 pieces and retail for €249.99 from June 1st. The set has a height of 65cm and a width of 104cm and will follow the LEGO Art format of being wall-mountable with a fully brick-built frame. 

The set is a map of the world with landmasses represented by white 1×1 studs, while the oceans are customizable coloured 1×1 tiles. My favourite feature is that it comes with 1×1 cone pieces for you to pick out countries you’ve been to. You can use these to pick out countries you want/plan to visit too, if you want. 

LEGO Fleet Teaser

A few days ago, LEGO posted a fleet on Twitter. The fleet consisted of a picture of a 2×2 brick with a white neon outline and four different neon-coloured studs on the top. Under this brick, there is simply the date “26 JUNE 2021”. Nobody knows for sure what this could be a reference to, with some people speculating it could be the Light Mode theme.

LEGO Ideas

Once again, two new submissions have suprassed 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas this week. These are “Medieval Tavern” by LEt.sGO, and “Boston Dynamic Spot 1:4 Scale Motorized Model” by WalkCrawlRun. 

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